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It's a wonderful thing to find a doctor you can trust. When I first went to see Dr. Aurigemma, my complaint was about headaches that had plagued me since childhood. It took two years of his patience and skills until those debilitating headaches were gone forever. That was more than 25 years ago. It still feels like a miracle.

Dr. Aurigemma has also successfully treated me, my husband and two children for the lingering ache of old injuries, a frightening concussion when my son lost his long-term memory, grief, sprains, strains, hot flashes, sore throats, and esophageal spasms.

He's a skilled and intelligent doctor who cares about his patients.

—S.L., Tracy's Landing, MD

Dr. Aurigemma became my family physician when I moved to the Washington area in 1986. I'd had my first experience with Homeopathy a few years earlier in New Jersey, but finding a skilled homeopath is not always easy. So when I arrived in D.C., I was thrilled to find someone who was not only knowledgeable in Homeopathy but also a M.D.—a doctor who would understand a mainstream diagnosis but then treat me with remedies that didn't come with all the side effects of allopathic medication.

Over the years, Dr. Aurigemma has cured my hay fever, saved me from knee surgery, supported me through various traumas (from car accidents to falls), taken care of me for routine illnesses such as colds and flu—and I could go on to list an even wider variety of issues he's addressed successfully. I do want to emphasize that with every year under his care, I've become constitutionally stronger and stronger, to the point now that I rarely become ill. I've benefited from the balance brought by the remedies combined with decades of freedom from the dangers of drugs. What a gift.

I trust Dr. Aurigemma with every aspect of my medical care, frequently refer people to him, and list him as my primary care physician. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have his knowledge and caring nature available to me and my family.

—E.L., Chevy Chase, MD

I can think of only three colleagues I would trust with my life; Dr. Aurigemma is one of them. That is because Dr. Aurigemma is so much more than a physician. He is a gifted healer. While allopaths typically provide only palliation in so many spheres, especially in chronic diseases, under Dr. Aurigemma's superlative care, many patients are able to experience the miracle of Homeopathy, which is cure. Practicing allopathy is easy. Just put a name to some symptoms and prescribe in the one-(sometimes dangerous)-drug-fits-all manner. Being a homeopath is much harder. No two minute consult will do, and the remedy has to be individualized to fit the patient. With his vast experience, compassion for suffering humanity, and charming manner, Dr. Aurigemma inspires confidence in his patients and offers them a rare chance at optimum health.

—L.B., J.D., M.D., Ph.D., New York, NY

Dr. Aurigemma has been our family doctor for 17 years. He has effectively treated our four children homeopathically for every illness from infancy to adolescence, including teething, ear infections, pinkeye, bronchitis, warts, ADHD, flu, dehydration, fainting, and eczema. He has treated my husband and me for sinus infections, chronic fatigue, chicken pox, UTI, and psoriasis. He always takes time to carefully evaluate the reason for our visit. We have recommended Dr. Tony to countless friends where traditional doctors were unable to help. Our Upper East Side pediatrician actually refers ear infection patients to Dr. Aurigemma as an alternative to surgery. He is personable, professional, and incredibly patient. The fact that he is a M.D. who uses Homeopathy is a real plus.

—M.K., New York, NY

I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Aurigemma over 20 years ago, and I am still a patient, as is my 16-year-old son, whose first visit was at six months old. At the time of my initial appointment, I was suffering from PMS. I was desperate to feel better and not open to taking hormones. I was skeptical about Homeopathy, but felt reassured by the fact that Dr. Aurigemma is also a M.D. I remember some of the very interesting questions he asked during out first visit, and I continue to be fascinated—and reassured—by his thoroughness and holistic approach. He is very respectful and sympathetic. I always feel his interest and I never feel rushed. My PMS became less frequent and less severe to the point that it was no longer an issue. After that, I went to him for help with my allergies (which could not be treated by shots) and headaches—both of which seldom bother me now. In addition, I always turn to him when I have dental or other surgery, and he has helped enormously in reducing pain and swelling, and enabled me to take less pain medication.

As for my son, he has benefited greatly from Dr. Aurigemma as well. I strongly believe that the reason he has had only one ear infection in his life is due to Dr. Aurigemma. When my son first started going it was for wellness visits, but I also relied on Dr. A when he had a sore throat, earache, stuffy nose or headache. The fact that Dr. Aurigemma is also a physician always put my mind at ease, since he would examine us as well if the symptoms warranted it. As for wellness visits, I could see my son's behavior was better, as was his appetite. And my son never minded going because it's clear how much the doctor loves working with kids.

I have such confidence in Dr. Aurigemma's abilities that I have wanted to share him with friends—especially those who have persistent health issues.

—A.M., New York, NY

I am pleased and honored to provide the following statement regarding Dr. Anthony Aurigemma, who has been my doctor for decades.

After returning from a trip to South America decades ago I became very ill. I could not eat and had tried numerous allopathic remedies to no avail. After weeks went by and I was literally wasting away. It was under these circumstances that I went to see Dr. Aurigemma. My impression of him then was the same as it is today—he is a kind, pleasant, and patient individual who sincerely listens to and observes his clients with the utmost empathy. Dr. Aurigemma's remedy cured me almost immediately.

I have continued to see Dr. Aurigemma over the subsequent decades in his offices in metropolitan Washington, D.C. and Manhattan. He has always demonstrated the highest ideals of a physician. He has the fortitude to seek solutions to long-term issues and the wisdom to recommend the best doctors or tests when necessary.

Without hesitation I can recommend Dr. Aurigemma to others that are in need. I am very grateful that I have been blessed to have encountered this man during the course of my life, and that I have the good fortune to seek his advice and treatment when necessary.

—D.L.S., J.D., Washington, D.C.

The first time I saw Dr. Aurigemma was 25 years ago. I came to him for infertility, and with treatment taking homeopathic remedies I became pregnant the very next month! Since then, he has been our primary physician. He has taken care of us, our children, our parents and more. We have been very happy with his care and have referred over 70 friends and family members to him. An overwhelming majority have reported their satisfaction and further referred him to their circle!

—T.&M.P., Potomac, MD

Tony has provided homeopathic care to our family since 1990, when our son was six years old. We are very fortunate that for so many years we have been—and remain—the beneficiaries of his care and competence.

—J.&L.D., Takoma Park, MD

In 1987, my husband and I went to a lecture on Homeopathy given by a medical doctor who practiced using homeopathic medicines. We were interested in the doctor's approach and then a friend mentioned that a homeopathic doctor had assisted her with the delivery of her child. I wrote to her doctor, who had since retired, but he gave me the name of Dr. Anthony Aurigemma. My first visit with Dr. Aurigemma was in 1987. I was so pleased with his general manner and his specific suggestions that he became my regular doctor and has remained so all these years.

Since hearing my description of his methods, my husband also decided to become his regular patient. We have been satisfied all these years with Dr. A's approach and advice. When necessary, he has also recommended conventional medical tests and has referred us to conventional medical specialists.

Perhaps the most important part of our long relationship with Dr. Aurigemma has been the sense of his own humanity and his recognition of us.

Fortunate the person who hears about Dr. Aurigemma.

—M.F., New York, NY

For anyone who has stumped the mainstream medical community, you know there are two important aspects to a doctor's work: diagnosis and healing. Dr. Aurigemma stands out for both. Sixteen years ago, he was the first one to realize that my son had autistic tendencies. That diagnosis had eluded everyone else in the medical establishment. And when it comes to healing, Dr. Aurigemma has solved a whole gamut of problems for us, ranging from every run-of-the-mill perimenopausal symptom you could have, to helping my daughter to overcome post-traumatic stress. If he thinks you need to go to a mainstream doctor, he will advise you to do so. If you are looking for a healer whose warmth will also be a balm for your soul, then I cannot help but recommend Dr. Aurigemma enough.

Thanks for everything all these years, Doc.

—M.B., Baltimore, MD

From the routine conditions of colic, pinkeye, sore throats, and flu to more complicated conditions such as febrile seizures, Dr. Aurigemma has always been there for me and my young children.

In particular, I appreciate his help in successfully treating me for my anxiety issues without the use of antidepressant drugs, as some of my peers have had to use. I am living a much fuller life now that I'm not weighed down by anxieties.

I'm deeply grateful for his physical and emotional care and treatment of me for over 25 years, and of my children for the past 6.

—S.L.S., Severn, MD

Dr. Anthony Aurigemma has been my family physician since 1994. During that time, I have enjoyed a continuous increase in my physical, mental and emotional health. I cannot remember a time in my life when such joyful balance was part of my daily living. I have been successfully treated for acute diseases such as flu and shingles. These temporary problems were quickly resolved. For example, the shingles only lasted three days once he began treatment. My experience was radically different than my friends who sought traditional treatment for the same disease. He has also treated chronic conditions such as recurring headaches and high blood pressure. Though they took a bit longer, they were both resolved. I recommend, without reservation, Dr. Aurigemma, not only to my friends, but to anyone who reads this. —M.S., Arlington, VA

Eleven years ago I started seeing Dr. Aurigemma. I woke up one day and my whole life changed. I went from feeling healthy to feeling like I was going insane. I felt agitated, anxious, claustrophobic, and panicky on the subway. It was like being on a treadmill, unable to slow down.

I went to see Dr. Aurigemma, and at first I didn't believe his treatments would help me. I didn't feel any different, but I decided to stick with it because I didn't want to take hormone replacements and live my life dependent on chemicals.

I didn't understand Homeopathy and how it worked, but over time, with diet, remedies, and Dr. Aurigemma's guidance and support, I started to feel better. Today I'm back to feeling myself and my energy level is very high.

This past year I developed tennis elbow and my traditional doctor wanted me to get cortisone shots. Instead, I went to see Dr. Aurigemma and with homeopathic medicines, my elbow is 100% better without cortisone shots.

My thanks and appreciation in finding a doctor like Dr. Aurigemma.

—C.C., New York, NY

Dr. Aurigemma has treated our whole family since the children were in grade school. I am an athlete—playing tennis and involved with fitness several hours each day. Whenever I have an ache or pain, I make an appointment to see him. Without fail, I have been cured with his treatments. I also believe in the value of prevention, so I receive ongoing constitutional treatments to help build a healthy immune system. I cannot imagine my health being as excellent as it is, if not for Dr. Aurigemma. He is a lifesaver!

—W.R., Annapolis, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Aurigemma's for over 15 years. I first visited him because, at the age of 25, I had already been on medication for high blood pressure for some 5 years and wanted to find a natural alternative: something that would be a cure for my illness rather than just a palliative. That is indeed what I found through Dr. Aurigemma and his homeopathic expertise. He took the time to get to know me not only as a patient, but as a whole human being. Through the trial of various remedies that he prescribed, I was gradually able to reduce my blood pressure medication so that eventually I no longer needed it. His experience with homeopathic medicine has also helped me through bad colds, flu, and other ailments. Since he first became my doctor, I have gotten married and my wife and I have had two children. Most recently, when my wife was overdue with our second child and wanted to avoid induced labor, Dr. Aurigemma found just the right remedy that helped her go into labor naturally that very night! My wife and I trust our whole family with him, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Dr. Aurigemma is the best!

—G.&K.D., Washington, D.C.

I visited Dr. Aurigemma to address the asthma I struggled with since childhood; I felt the need to eliminate the allopathic drugs I had come to rely on during asthma attacks, because I had begun to experience intense side effects, which scared me. Dr. Aurigemma was able to help me effectively control my asthma fairly quickly. He continued to work like a detective, narrowing the field of possibilities, treating me with remedies until my asthma was cured.

Tony has treated me and my family for more than 25 years for a myriad of health issues. We feel very fortunate to have been the recipient of his support, expertise, and attention all this time.

—M.T., Takoma Park, MD


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